My name is Connie and you gave me a reading a few years back when you were in Los Angeles. It was in a bookstore in Pasadena. I have to say you are pretty accurate in your reading. I listened to the tape a few months ago and you even gave me the name of a man who I was going to meet. I had forgotten about it, but when I listened back, it turns out that was the name of my now husband! :) I also remember we started to do some kind of meditation where I saw the room get smokey and a face appeared in front of yours. I got scared or spooked that it was happening and broke my focus. I only saw it happen for a couple of seconds before I looked away. It has been amazing thinking back to your reading and how much you were able to get.

Subject: Testimonial from Jesus, New York
After 35 years of seeing all kinds of psychics I have come into contactwith one of the best in the field. Claudia Roth is sincere, outstanding, and right on target. You will be amazed of the accuracy of her predictions.

Testimonial from Susan Collyer, Rhode Island
I am writing to extol praises upon my friend Claudia Roth who has helped me extensively throughout the difficult year of letting go of Michael, selling what we could and moving to Rhode Island. Not only did she describe to me what the house I would buy looked like, she told me I would need to rent, describing the hotel to me, describing my having to drive for awhile to take Matthew to school during last years move She was incredible, seeing the people I would meet and how I would settle in.
She continues to bless me w/ warm positive insight, vision with an exactitude of which I haven't experienced before. I wanted share her with you all, in hopes, that if you too are experiencing a difficult passage in your life, that there are people with extraordinary gifts from the Almighty who can guide you through the darkness.

Subject: Testimonial
Claudia, here is my testimonial.
"Claudia Roth is a psychic in the true sense of the word. I have had
several readings with her over the past year and she has been extremely accurate.
She knew things about me that only I knew and as time is passing by her
predictions are coming true. She is extremely friendly and her readings
are very positive as well as enjoyable. They are WELL worth the money and I
have no desire to work with another psychic. Highly recomended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Rob Tina

Subject: Mario from LA

The cool thing was we were recomended by several people to you.
Your accuracy is awesome, so we sent more people to you after our reading.
I got the car from my reading you gave me which is blue-greenish color.
The company went bankrupt so we were all laid off, including the other
departments, so I started to send out my resumes again.
I'll keep thanking God and my angels for that perfect job that, I'm going to
get soon.
Everytime I speak to you I get a job right away, and when I don't speak to you, it takes a long time to get an interview, so thank you for the positive energy.